Life without Music would actually be a Mistake!


Hello everyone, we are back with our new Blog and that is "Life without Music."

So as we see in the above picture, if you can read it, then it says "Unite, Souls, others" etc.

So...... let's dive down. Shall we? :-)

Life Without Music :

First of all, if we try to even imagine a situation where there existed a world without music, we all obviously know that life would be boring, monotonous, soulless, and a quiet place. Our lives would feel meaningless and also empty for some reason if music never existed. Here are some instances where life would never feel the same without music:

• If music never existed, mental stress removal and relaxation would be very difficult after a long day at work as music is a very good stress buster.

• Conveying/expressing emotions to people would be almost next to impossible without music.

• Without music, we would lack motivation in life to achieve our goals.

• There would be a major missing factor in the entertainment industry without music and it would be soulless.

• Delivering certain life lessons and life guidance to certain people would be very difficult without music.

• Conveying our love to another person in any form would also be very difficult without the existence of music and songs. Also be it conveying any type of feelings to our family, friends, and loved ones or even our life partners/soulmates would be very complicated if music never existed.

• Works of fine arts or any art exhibit experience would never be better understood without the help of musical background.

• Any film made by the film industry would never attract the audience the same way we experience today without music and songs. Even many sequels of the movie could never be better experienced without the necessary sound effects/background music. Songs and music play a major role in attracting a larger audience for any movie. Any movie/short film can never be successful without impressive songs and heartfelt background music at requisite instances of the project.

• Singers could never achieve any success and be able to convey their emotions in the absence of accurate music in any musical composition. The lyrics of any song would be meaningless if they weren't synchronized with accurate musical notes and tones.

• The effects that music can impose on our state of mind are very mindblowing. Music can make us happy, sad, devotional, anxious, motivated, curious, heartbroken, angry, peaceful, romantic, inspiring, etc. Music is the only language that can translate our soul or even transform it.

• The power of music can create on the listener's mind is very astonishing because as we listen to any type of music, it creates a certain type of mental image, and the related emotions in us connected with the song. The beauty of music is that it helps to convey a universal message to the world what anyone can understand just by listening to it.

• The impeccable ability of music to make our mind and heart time travel through our life memories in just a few seconds is outstanding. It acts like a time machine and just helps us to recollect all the memories in no time which we would have even forgotten over time.

• Every type of music is different & special. Every type of music gives us different feels and experiences. Surprisingly at times, a certain song can make different people feel different emotions at the same time too.

• Music is the only way in which sometimes we can recreate moments and memories and feel the same way again.

• Music can never feel the same in every stage of life, as we get older through the years even a particular song can make us feel differently in different stages.

• Music is also a language to translate our messages and emotions to a person that we cannot directly convey through words and it is sometimes the easiest way to transfer our feelings to the other person.

• Music also brings us closer to our friends and family and helps us to bond better while celebrating any special occasion or even while suffering through tough times. Music also acts as a binder and unites us together at all times. It helps in strengthening the connections between all kinds of people.

• Music is a beautiful technique to smoothen our souls, calm our minds, and make our hearts seek peace. It is the best stress-buster that anyone can afford at any stage of life in the most inexpensive manner.

• Mental and Emotional Healing would also be tougher if music therapy never existed. Many mental traumas and depression can be healed by the simple magic of music in no time. Music helps in promoting sound as a way of alternating the body’s frequency waves to accelerate the healing process faster. Music is also thus found to be a major healer for diseases like weaknesses, insomnia, dementia, heart diseases mental depression as well as cancer.

• Music is also a wonderful medium to bring people together and help in inciting the feeling of patriotism in all kinds of people through the common national anthem of that particular country which when sung every single time refreshes the love and respect for the country in any person.

• Music has the magical power to touch our conscious as well as subconscious state of mind hence proving that nothing can replace music in this world when it comes to conveying emotions to our body and mind in any state.

• Many pieces of evidence also prove that music can be felt not only by humans but also by animals and other living beings by the way of their response. Many historic instances also prove music can be felt by even lifeless things in a certain manner.

• Music works in miraculous ways what sometimes even words can't be able to convey certain messages to certain people.

• No person in this world can hate music because different genres of music, different instruments, songs in different languages, music made in all types of tones and themes definitely strike the person' heart at one point or the other and every human being on this earth can relate to music in every stage of his life.

• Music is probably the only language in which a person's mood can be changed in a very few seconds. For example: By listening to a certain song a person can become sad to happy, happy to sad, romantic to heartbroken, and vice versa, or even demotivated to motivated.

• No achievement can be as great as the emotional and spiritual uplifting that we get from music, hence making us love music at all times in any given generation of humankind.


Well ah.... "Life without Music will Actually be a Mistake."

Thank you :-)


With Love



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