Let's talk about different "Themes" in music part-2

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

This is the continuation of the previous part........

6) Heartbreak: This is also considered as one of the most popular themes in current-day music for the fact being that every single person in life would have faced heartbreak in some or another stage of his /her life. Heartbreaks do not always necessarily mean the heartbreak caused due to a relationship breakup, but also shocks caused due to breaking in friendships, families, careers, etc, and due to unforeseen adversities in life. Heartbreak-themed songs often leave a very deep impact on our lives and help us learn to cope up with our losses and move on with the cycle of life without giving up and losing hope in life.

7) Death: Death-themed songs always represent the grief related to the unfortunate losses in one's life. They bring us to reality and show us not anyone's presence on this earth is forever, and death is unavoidable in everyone's life through it's unacceptable. Such songs and music make us realize how life maybe after the death of a person in our lives, and end of it all nothing matters other than life itself, and we should value the people when they are with us. They represent how the loss of certain friends, relatives, parents, pets, enemies, competitors, or be it anyone can affect our lives, and the loss is irreplaceable. They are the songs that truly make us realize the importance of people in our lives and the role that they played in our short span of life. Definitely, this type of music fills us with grief, but at the same time brings us to the reality and makes us realize that this itself is the beauty of life that nothing and no one is permanent in the world, hence we have to live life to the fullest before it went and value every second of it.

8) Inspirational: Any music or song based on an inspirational theme makes us ultimately feel motivated about our dreams, push us forward towards our goals, help us to dream bigger, and feel positive about our aspirations for a better tomorrow. These songs guide us for not giving up on our dreams no matter what, and make us more hopeful about seeing success in our future. This theme of music not just helps us to be inspired about our dream career or goals but also to be continuously inspired about life and all the beautiful things that it has to offer us. This type of music is essential to be enjoyed by all kinds of age groups in order to keep us motivated and to keep pushing us forward in every stage of life. This is the kind of music which the soul needs for healing, and to feel that it is okay to fall in life or to be stuck or to be confused, but it is not okay to stop there, instead to rise up and continue putting efforts until we achieve what we want.

9) Feminism: This is a very recent trend and theme in the current world of music. Songs based on this theme help to raise a voice against the violence of women, girl children, and young girls in any mental, emotional, or physical manner. This is the type of music the world needs to hear, and in order to not create any gender-based bias in any sector of work or family life. This is the music that motivates women to be treated equally as men and to not be okay with any kind of injustice done to them. This is the kind of music the world needs right now for a better tomorrow, in order to make it a happy place to live in for both men and women and support each other to grow equally at the same pace.

10) Nostalgia: This is the kind of music whose theme enlightens us with the remembrance of certain great people who have achieved great success in life in their own fields through their own ways. This type of music gives us the inspiration to become like them and to set them as exquisite examples to follow in our path of success. Nostalgia-themed music or songs may not necessarily celebrate the life of celebrities but also of any random person who has played an important role in our lives directly or indirectly and has motivated us to live a better life. This type of music is mainly made to make us reflect on some important memories imprinted by certain people of our lives and their journey. This type of music helps us to celebrate the life stories of many role models of the world too.


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