Let's talk about different "Themes" in music part-1.

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Themes In Music.

Basically, themes in music mainly mean the emotions which are conveyed /created when the different instruments are played, notes are struck, tones are created, dynamics are expressed and variations are made throughout the whole song. They can convey any kind of emotions be it with the presence of lyrics or in absence of them. Music is just the language of the soul, hence at most times there is no particular spoken language also required to convey the emotions, just the flow of notes through playing the instruments is enough to make a person feel the song and what it is trying to convey.

1) Discontent: In many songs, the music indicates a feeling of discontent/disappointment/dissatisfaction/ confusion caused due to life events or due to certain people or their behavior towards us. Some songs may also be expressed as a general voice raised against the injustice done to people due to certain incidents or current world scenarios. Songs may also indicate a singer's frustration due to some past incidents of life and maybe a way of releasing it through the song. A music director or lyrics writer may also want to express a certain discontent of a movie character relating to a certain incident through the song created for the particular situation. Such kinds of songs give us a deeper insight into the life and make us stronger as people to face different adversities of life, and understand life on a more detailed level showing us life is always not fair and unfair situations are bound to happen in everyone's life. Such songs may be based on social, personal, or political reasons. These songs also make us feel prepared for all kinds of unfair situations in life and make us feel it is okay to feel disappointed with certain life incidents.

2) Happiness: A song with this theme is meant to make us happy, feel positive, feel good, feel hopeful that there is always light at the end of every darkness in life. Such songs can be seen in any situation from romantic to comedy. Basically, when we hear them, some types of happy hormones are released in our brains and we tend to forget all our miseries of life at least for the moment. They lighten up our mood, our perspective towards life, and helps us be more confident about dealing with day-day situations in a more -merrier way. These are the type of songs that heal us from our pain and encourage us to do better and be more optimistic about life. These songs can light up anyone's day and mood, hence spreading more positivity around. These are the songs that make us feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and hopeful. These songs are very much essentials in any person's personal playlist in order to keep them sane and joyful. These songs may vary from high notes to low notes or a mix of both, just as long as they render happiness to the listener.

3)Sense of Growth: Many trending songs these days help us to reflect on our growth process and different stages of life as we age. These songs take us through a journey of growing up and visualize how our childhood, teenage, adulthood, and old age feel as time races through the years of our lives. Such kinds of songs may also depict the stories of the singer in his life stages, and his selective stories related to every age. These songs may also indicate dreams, aspirations, and goals that we set for ourselves in every stage of life and later how we achieved them or not. These pieces of music explain to us that our natural growth processes are always not predictable and unseen or unimagined situations/incidents might change our views of life completely. They throw light upon how to embrace our growth phases and accept life as it is in every stage. They make us realize at the end of the day that we only do grow up to something that we are meant to be.

4) Friendship: Songs based on this theme generally bring out color on the wonderful friendship bond between 2 people or a group of people. These songs help us realize the value of the beautiful bond of friendship and its importance in the real world between people or even animals or pets. They help us to grasp the essence of different kinds of friendship in present days. They motivate people to strengthen their friendships and to become better humans. These are the songs that bring the whole of humankind together and help the whole worldwide audience to connect together. They help in expressing that one of the most amazing bonds between 2 people is friendship after all. Since it's a universal theme, any type of person can relate to such a song with this theme. These are the type of songs that make us feel less lonely, more hopeful, and happier than even if any people stay or leave, there is always at least one friend who always stays and whom you can count on.

5) Love: Songs or Music relating to this theme are generally considered to be romantic and they reflect upon the romanticized affectionate bond between two people. They may express love through different ways, forms, and lines. They help the partners who are in love to feel acknowledged, happy, satisfied, and celebrated when they are together through their different notes, instruments, lyrics, and dynamics. They also represent different angles and views of people towards love and regarding the various desires related to the language of love. Love songs or music is generally a universally liked theme and people who are especially in love crave for such kind of music and hence this theme is mainly made to attract such kind of audiences, however, to also explain to new people what is love all about. Here we must also not forget that love-themed music may not generally always focus on romantic love, but also may mean the unromanticized love shared between family members, friends, love for our pets, love for music, and love for different things. Basically, love-themed music reflects on our love or desire for anything or anyone which plays an important part in that particular stage of life.


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